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Heartshaped handhoe ash P-handle

Heartshaped handhoe ash P-handle

The Dutch are used to their push and pull weeder. This handweeder is also used for weeding borders and raised beds. You place the blade on the dirt in the border with a small angle so the blade is pushed below the surface. By pushing it from you and pulling it towards you the dirt is loosen and the roots of the weeds are cutted. Because of the roots that have been cut the weed will not grow anymore and the energy goes straight to your plants again.

The P grip is designed for people who are suffering arthritus. You don't have to give up gardening, with the P grip tools you can use both hands!


Item nr Description Weight Size Handle
8502 Heartshaped handhoe ash P-handle 0,26 410 x 105 x 65 Handle
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