Making tools with social distance.

In January 2020 we had the first sign of Corona. A team of European Chinese engineers came to our factory to install a brand-new fiberlaser cutting machines. We took the first steps to be caution on shaking hands. In February 2020 we were still traveling to Germany towards a meeting with our new potential Amazon partner. Together with our marketing supplier from Sterc we visited the brandpartner from Amazon. And only 2 weeks later our world totally changed. Installing disinfection station was easy in the 2nd week of March. On Sunday the 15th of March we organized a corona crisis meeting with our management. The first 2 employees had to go in quarantine and suddenly we had to make new rules to continue our operation. More social distance, hand washing all day long, separated coffee break, a disinfection manager who cleans every day doors keyboards, phones coffee machines and so on. The factory had to lock the doors so nobody could visit us.

A new way of working, less efficiently and in de 4th week of March nearly half of our team, working at home, stayed at home because a little cold or flue. Today we are April 6 and most of the team is back to work. We keep washing hands, door locked and social distance is needed to keep continuing.

As long we can do it save, we will make your tools.