Beginning Gardener

In 2020 many people started with gardening. A garden does not need to be big to become a gardeners. Sometimes a small garden enjoys more than a large garden. The basics for gardening are easy and most of us can do it themselves if we want to spend some time on it.

Create the border by changing lawn and weed into a good soil border. The easy way to do this is digging it by turning the topsoil upside down. You can do this with a shovel, better is to work with a spade. Well known is the English solid socket type of spade. Forged from a single piece steel into a tool for a lifetime. As a beginning gardener you have to be careful with the wooden handles, that is the only part that you can break. Start with small parts to dig around and learn how much you can use your spade in your kind of soil. 


After you have "created" your first border you can use a rake the make the dirt into fine dirt by smoothen to larger dirt by narrowing it with a rake. A rake is a standard product and 99 percent of all rakes are good for the job as long you are using a steel rake. DeWit® makes the bowline rake, strong and durable for the professional gardener.

In our next blog we will write you about the tools that you need to keep the border in a good shape. Did you know that 1 hour a day of gardening keeps you away from the gym? Gardening is real calorie burning and good for your health!